Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm finally on vacation!

First of all, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I can't believe I haven't logged on in over 6 months. I guess you could say I've been busy! :) We have honestly been busy between enjoying Avery, work, indoor soocer, Bible study and the busy weekends. It has been a great year and scary how half of it can go by so quickly right before your eyes. Avery is a little over 18 months and is very ornery. (side note: it took me the last 15 minutes to figure out how to spell "ornery")! Who knew it started with an "o".

We just got back from the best Christmas ever!!! I was asked what my favorite gift was this year and it was truly just soaking in all of Avery's reactions to Christmas and the wonderful traditions. To my unbelief, she knew exactly how to rip open a package without question. I think we might be in trouble in the future.

On Avery's most recent check up, she measured 33 in tall (85%) and 21 lbs (12%). She is a picky eater, but I really need to start working on making sure all of what she is eating is nutritious. At the 18 month check up, they give you a check list of developmental norms. It was funny, because two of them were "Can you child jump" and "Can your child walk backwards." I had no idea if Avery could do these things, so I asked her in the lobby. She just ignored me, but as soon as she was in the room with Dr. Sharp, she started jumping and walking backwards as if she was showing off in front of the Dr. It was hilarious! Needless to say, Dr. Sharp changed my responses to the questions as I mismarked them.

It has literally been over a year, since I have been on vacation and it truly impacts you to go that long without a break! I feel FREE! Kevin and I are already planning on where we'll go this upcoming year. Kevin's birthday is this Friday, Jan 1st! I broke down and bought him a Wii. They've only been out for several years and I think it would be fun to do together. I really just want to get old school Super Mario Bros. I can't wait to play that! I am posting the only recent picture I have on my laptop, but as soon as I get our Christmas pics downloaded, I'll post some.

I pray that everyone has a wonderful 2010! I think it is going to be great year!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pics from this weekend

Friday, July 17, 2009

Totally Toddler!

Avery is officially a toddler! The weekend of the 4th, we took Avery off the bottle and she was not crazy about it. She'd go and point to where the bottles "used" to be and would NOT take a sippy cup the first day without some major fits and when she did finally try it out it was not for long. Luckily, the next day or so, Avery started eating like crazy. Before, she never ate and I thought she was just super picky and didn't have a big appetite, but really she was just so full on milk. She is changing into such a kid. Avery LOVES to dance. She'll be playing around and as soon as music comes on, she'll drop what she is doing and start bouncing up and down like she is squating and then fan her arms around. It is too cute! She also loves her soccer ball and baby. We can be anywhere in the house and I will ask her to go get those two things and she'll search them out. She kicks her soccer ball, too! Kevin and I have really had to get serious about discipline, because Avery is a sly little gal. I know she is still in discovery mode, but some things are just not very safe for her. We started putting her in time out, but after a day or so of that, we'd say if she did "blank" then we'd have to put her in time out. So she would just walk over to where time out is and just plop down on the ground. It obviously isn't working! I think tomorrow we are going to go to the Austin Children's Museum, because it is too stinking hot to be outside. I hope Avery has fun; I am sure she will!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Avery is ONE!

Well the last two months have been busy, busy, but A LOT of fun! We have celebrated everything under the sun and had cake with every celebration, too :) It is time for my summer dieting to kick in, but we have two more fun weekends to celebrate, so I guess July will kick off that diet!

First and foremost, my little sunshine is officially ONE! Yesterday, was her actual birthday which also happens to be my mom's, so we are here in Waco celebrating both. Last weekend, we celebrated Avery's birthday with friends and family and it was SO much fun. Avery definitely had a blast! We also celebrated one of Avery's best friends, Lila's first birthday. Lila is four days older and they have a lot of fun together, but I also get a kick out of watching them hang out. We also went to my cousin's wedding in Austin (Avery's first wedding). It was absolutely beautiful and Avery danced all night. The weekend before that..we celebrated my sister's 30th birthday. Brooke is such a beautiful girl and I hope it was everything she would want in a 30th birthday. I think it was! Next weekend, we are looking very forward to cousin Reid's 1st birthday (born 4 days after Avery) in Boerne. Then off to Amarillo, for the Aderholt Family Reunion. Kevin and I are looking VERY forward to seeing the Aderholt family!!!

So what's new with Avery? She took her first step at 10 1/2 months and then waited about two weeks to do it again. Once she started, she hasn't stopped. She is pratically running now. It might just be the cutest thing I have ever seen. She also just recently started using sign language. She signs eat, more, and milk. I was so excited that we could finally communicate! Here are some recent pics, but check out my sister's blog (the photographer) :) to see more...the link that says "Tooley" on the right side of my page.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Even though Avery was sick with her first stomach bug, we had a wonderful time. We went to my parents and My cousin Cristy came with Madison, Austin and Cash. On Saturday, Granny & Janet and Connie & Gary came down. It was so much FUN! Avery was well enough to hunt for Easter eggs and even though Kevin and I were up with her throughout the night Saturday, she was up bright and early to see what the Easter bunny brought her. Here are some pics of the weekend.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I did it!

Not this weekend but last weekend, I finished my first EVER half marathon! It was amaziing. I literally almost started crying crossing the finish line, because I really didn't think I prepared myself to make it across, but there were so many people cheering you on. No pics to show - thank goodness :)! Just wanted to post a quick update!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Avery Update

Well, we are very busy at the Aderholt house that this is literally the first time I am on this site since my last posting. Avery has changed a ton in the last month. She officially has 7 teeth and I think 2 more on the way very soon. She said her first word - Dada!!!! She has also said Mama, but getting her to say that over Dada is impossible :) She also discovered how to clap and wave by bending her fingers down. Today she finally ate Puffs and picked them up on her own and fed herself. I was impressed by that! The whole eating thing really gets me actually. If I go by the book, she shouldn't be eating Gerber 3; however, she has teeth to chew the food. I think I am going to start introducing her to more chunky foods, so she gets used to it. Plus, at her day care if the kids are mobile and eat table food they get to move up to the next room. She definitely needs to! She is all over that place and I think she gets a little bored with all the younger babies not being as interactive. Oh also...this is hilarious....I picked up Avery the other day at school and the teacher said she had a new boyfriend! Apparently, Pierce H. from the older class came over to Avery's and they just chased each other (crawling) around the class over and over and then would stop and giggle at each other. How CUTE!! I actually got to meet Pierce yesterday and he was a cutie. Him and Avery were playing together when I showed up and as I was peeking in the window, I noticed her rip a toy out of his hand. He was totally fine with that and went on to the next toy :) Then, when I went and picked up Avery, Pierce started crying :(

Here are some recent pics of Avery!

P.S. Pray for me on Sunday - I will be running my very first half marathon and I am so excited and nervous! I will let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 2009!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! I very much enjoyed my straight two weeks off and to be able to hang out with Avery was so much fun. She has changed so much in just that small amount of time that it was so great to be with her during it all. We went to Lipan for Christmas and Avery and Reid (Avery's cousin) had their very first Christmas together. It was too much fun! Reid is cool, calm and collective and Avery is just all over the place. I can't wait to see what little people they will turn out to be :) Santa brought Avery a shopping cart and just as soon as we could put it together, Avery had pulled herself up on it. She was going after the carrots! I think she held on to the carrots the entire rest of the day. Since we've been back at home, we have child-proofed our house FINALLY! Now Avery just likes to shake on the gate - she finds that pretty amusing. It is always what they are not supposed to do that they want to do so badly! Here are some pictures from our break:

Avery & Reid's First Christmas!

Avery LOVES Christmas!

Happy New Year AND Happy Birthday KEVIN!

Avery's First Sleep Over

Soccer Girls (minus Kym - sorry you had already left)

Look at those lashes (following pictures by Aunt Brooke Photography :))

All Puma'd Out

Lila & Avery = BFF's!

Avery and her Shopping Cart!