Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I did it!

Not this weekend but last weekend, I finished my first EVER half marathon! It was amaziing. I literally almost started crying crossing the finish line, because I really didn't think I prepared myself to make it across, but there were so many people cheering you on. No pics to show - thank goodness :)! Just wanted to post a quick update!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Avery Update

Well, we are very busy at the Aderholt house that this is literally the first time I am on this site since my last posting. Avery has changed a ton in the last month. She officially has 7 teeth and I think 2 more on the way very soon. She said her first word - Dada!!!! She has also said Mama, but getting her to say that over Dada is impossible :) She also discovered how to clap and wave by bending her fingers down. Today she finally ate Puffs and picked them up on her own and fed herself. I was impressed by that! The whole eating thing really gets me actually. If I go by the book, she shouldn't be eating Gerber 3; however, she has teeth to chew the food. I think I am going to start introducing her to more chunky foods, so she gets used to it. Plus, at her day care if the kids are mobile and eat table food they get to move up to the next room. She definitely needs to! She is all over that place and I think she gets a little bored with all the younger babies not being as interactive. Oh also...this is hilarious....I picked up Avery the other day at school and the teacher said she had a new boyfriend! Apparently, Pierce H. from the older class came over to Avery's and they just chased each other (crawling) around the class over and over and then would stop and giggle at each other. How CUTE!! I actually got to meet Pierce yesterday and he was a cutie. Him and Avery were playing together when I showed up and as I was peeking in the window, I noticed her rip a toy out of his hand. He was totally fine with that and went on to the next toy :) Then, when I went and picked up Avery, Pierce started crying :(

Here are some recent pics of Avery!

P.S. Pray for me on Sunday - I will be running my very first half marathon and I am so excited and nervous! I will let you know how it goes.