Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 2009!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! I very much enjoyed my straight two weeks off and to be able to hang out with Avery was so much fun. She has changed so much in just that small amount of time that it was so great to be with her during it all. We went to Lipan for Christmas and Avery and Reid (Avery's cousin) had their very first Christmas together. It was too much fun! Reid is cool, calm and collective and Avery is just all over the place. I can't wait to see what little people they will turn out to be :) Santa brought Avery a shopping cart and just as soon as we could put it together, Avery had pulled herself up on it. She was going after the carrots! I think she held on to the carrots the entire rest of the day. Since we've been back at home, we have child-proofed our house FINALLY! Now Avery just likes to shake on the gate - she finds that pretty amusing. It is always what they are not supposed to do that they want to do so badly! Here are some pictures from our break:

Avery & Reid's First Christmas!

Avery LOVES Christmas!

Happy New Year AND Happy Birthday KEVIN!

Avery's First Sleep Over

Soccer Girls (minus Kym - sorry you had already left)

Look at those lashes (following pictures by Aunt Brooke Photography :))

All Puma'd Out

Lila & Avery = BFF's!

Avery and her Shopping Cart!