Saturday, June 28, 2008

Avery in the NICU

So because of Avery's fever, they ran a blood culture which came out positive for Group B Strep (GBS). I honestly didn't know anything about it previously. I remember testing for it at 36 weeks and was negative. On Sunday, June 8th around 11AM, Kevin and I were looking forward to bringing our new baby girl home and to our surprise the Pediatrician came in to break the bad news. Avery was positive for GBS which meant a minimum 10 day stay at the NICU. I was horrified! First my baby is sick and then I have to leave her here at the hospital. I couldn't hold back the tears! I was crying so loud a random nurse came in to check on me. I knew God would take care of our little Avery and after a 10 day stay in the NICU her treatment was complete and was better than ever.

Birth Story

Wednesday, June 4th I worked my last day at work going from meetings to meetings. I would start working from home starting Thursday, June 5th until Little Miss Avery decided to arrive. My sister had come in Wednesday evening and cleaned my entire house to help me out before the big day came. I love my sister!! Thursday morning I woke up at 8 and logged on to my computer to start my day of work. My sister got up and went over to visit Angie (who had had Lila James just 3 days before). Around 1:30pm Brooke and I went to grab McDonald's quickly before my 3:00 39 week check up. We were so very excited to see what my new status was. Surely I was more than 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced! During my examination with Dr. Mills, she looked up at me with a strange look and said calmly, "Brandi, your water just broke." I couldn't believe it, this was too perfect as my sister was going to head back to Waco that evening and we couldn't have planned this any better. I asked Dr. Mills if Avery would come that evening or the next day. She said I would bet on tomorrow, June 6th (My MOM's birthday)!!! I grabbed my phone right away and called Kevin who was expecting an update from the appointment anyway. Little did he know I was about to break the big news :) I think he was in disbelief at first but quickly shut down his computer and was at the hospital in a matter of minutes. Next, I called my mom who also did not believe me at first because Brooke and I tend to play jokes on my mom and she was just expecting an update from the check up, as well. She freaked out! She was so excited. Next, I called my dad who was already 30 minutes down the road at work, so he got in his car and came straight down. Brooke, Kevin and I went and checked in to the hospital and finally got a room. We had nothing to wear since we were not prepared to go straight to the hospital from the doctors, but Kevin went and grabbed all the things once I got hooked up to the IV and settled in. By 7pm, we started the Pitocin, since my contractions were not picking up quickly on their own. Around 10PM, my parents and sister decided to go back to our house to get some rest on one condition that I call them as soon as I am 8-9 cm. Kevin and I did our best to rest. The contractions really started picking up around 10-11pm. I was having them every 1 1/2 to 2 minutes apart and they were starting to become a little intense. I asked for the epidural and got it around 11:30PM. Dr. Mills came in and checked me at 1AM and I was only 3 cm dilated which wasn't much from the 2 cm and 80% effaced I was earlier that day. 5 hours later and several "bonus pumps of epidural" Dr. Mills came in to check again at 6AM, I told her that I was starting to feel the contractions stronger even with the epidural even though the contractions weren't showing up that stong on the charts. She checked and sure enough I was already 9 cm! I grabbed my phone and called Brooke and her and my parents were at the hospital in no time. At this point, I started feeling really sick like I had fever and the contractions now felt like urges to push. Dr. Mills came back in and I was already 10 cm and ready to go. I was running a fever of 102 which was not helping any! We started the pushing Kevin was on my left and a nurse on my right. Kevin was AWESOME! He did great. He was worried that he would get a little lightheaded but he was a champ and helped me with my oxygen mask and running for ice chips every second. After one hour of pushing at 7:34AM, our Little Avery Brooke was born. She is a true miracle from God! The second I saw her, I began to cry and she was SO BEAUTIFUL! They brought her right up to me and she was just crying and looking at me. I wonder what was going through her mind? WHAT an experience! She weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz. and was 20 inches long. She was running a fever as well, but all her other vitals were great. Kevin went to get my parents and sister and can only imagine how excited he was. I think it was all just such an overwhelming experience for us both. It is truly undescribable!!!