Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pics from this weekend

Friday, July 17, 2009

Totally Toddler!

Avery is officially a toddler! The weekend of the 4th, we took Avery off the bottle and she was not crazy about it. She'd go and point to where the bottles "used" to be and would NOT take a sippy cup the first day without some major fits and when she did finally try it out it was not for long. Luckily, the next day or so, Avery started eating like crazy. Before, she never ate and I thought she was just super picky and didn't have a big appetite, but really she was just so full on milk. She is changing into such a kid. Avery LOVES to dance. She'll be playing around and as soon as music comes on, she'll drop what she is doing and start bouncing up and down like she is squating and then fan her arms around. It is too cute! She also loves her soccer ball and baby. We can be anywhere in the house and I will ask her to go get those two things and she'll search them out. She kicks her soccer ball, too! Kevin and I have really had to get serious about discipline, because Avery is a sly little gal. I know she is still in discovery mode, but some things are just not very safe for her. We started putting her in time out, but after a day or so of that, we'd say if she did "blank" then we'd have to put her in time out. So she would just walk over to where time out is and just plop down on the ground. It obviously isn't working! I think tomorrow we are going to go to the Austin Children's Museum, because it is too stinking hot to be outside. I hope Avery has fun; I am sure she will!