Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daddy is so proud

Avery was watching a little football during tummy time last night!

So far this week..

Saturday, I noticed Avery was feeling a little warmer than usual and her temp was running around 99.7 under her arm. That night she woke up around 1am which hasn't happened in over a month. Then the next day, I noticed her eyes looked irratated (pink). I called into the doctor and got an appointment on Monday and her temp rectally was 100...still not fever, but close enough for concern. The doctor looked her over and said I think she has a cold, since she has had a little runny nose and the eyes may just be irritated from scratching them herself or something viral. Well her eyes look fine today, but I have been taking it easy for her sake this week. She doesn't seem like she is in pain, but I am watching her temp closely as I don't think I could handle having to take her to the hospital again. The doctor did say at this point if she had a fever, she would probably just get some blood work done, but I am praying that even that doesn't have to happen. Oh, she weighed exactly 11 lbs at the doctor on Monday. That means she is starting to move into the next size in clothes here pretty soon. Crazy!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The last few weeks....

I haven't posted in a while..busy I guess! There has been a lot going on. First of all, Avery had her 2 month check up everything went pretty well. She was 10 lbs. 3 oz and 22 inches long. She got her shots which were horrible for me, but Avery seemed to take it pretty well. She stopped crying as soon as they were over. The doctor did notice her leaning to the right as Kevin and I had noticed before, but didn't think anything of it. It turns out that it actually has a name...Torticollis and is causing her head to flatten, since she lays on that side. She is going to the Physical Therapist and that will hopefully fix the problem. The worst case scenario is that we have to get her a helmet around 6 months of age. Avery also went to her very first college graduation. My cousin Jaime graduated from Texas State - Congrats Jaime! I got to visit with Little John and see Traci, Jaime and the rest of the Askew gang. It was fun! I didn't think I would miss San Marcos that much but got the best feeling when I drove into town. The same weekend Avery got to meet her cousin Jordan and they were so sweet together. Later that evening we went over to my friends Dave and Alisha's and took pics of all the kids "The Rat Pack." It is way too cute! This week I got to hang out with my friend Kelli and her too sweeties, Jayce and Skyler not once, twice...but three times! I also had lunch with my friend Angie and her darlings, Ava and Lila. Then today I took Avery up to my work to introduce her to my team which was really fun and then my friend Jessica who is 5 months pregnant came in from Houston. That was really fun! I know how excited I was when I was pregnant to be around babies, so I know she had fun playing with Jayce, Skyler and Avery. She is the one in the picture where I am holding her belly, since she doesn't look pregnant AT ALL...just you wait :)