Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's official!

It's official! Avery has her first two little teeth coming in. For a second there, I thought Kevin and I were crazy or going to have a fussy little girl. She really hasn't been that bad, but we could tell something seemed a little different with her. I tried for two nights to get the picture below and it is still hard to see the teeth. The one of her face - is exactly what she does everytime I try to get a picture (and sticking out her tongue). Avery's been doing really well! She went to Physical Therapy today and her Therapist, Amy, said she is doing really good. We have even seen improvements with her flattening. On Monday, she will officially be 4 months old and we will go to her check up. I will update everyone with her stats! Have a good rest of the week and TGIF!