Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 months!

Avery turned 3 months last Saturday! She is really chunking up now and starting to interact with us a lot more. She is so darn cute how she laughs. It sounds like she is gargling and then she will let out this loud scream. I think she is testing out her various pitches!

So as of this Friday, it will be two weeks back in the working world and for Avery -Daycare world. It has actually gone fairly smooth. Avery seems to like it just fine. We also keep hearing horror stories how everyone who brought their kid to daycare got sick the first several weeks and then like once a month up to a year. We will just continue to pray that she doesn't get sick, but I am sure it is inevitable.

Also, this last Sunday we had Avery's Dedication at church. My mom and sister have all the pictures, so I will have to post those when I get them. Later that day, we had Avery's 3 month pictures taken which I can't wait to see. I think we got the perfect picture with her little pouty face. That face just melts my heart.

Lastly, please pray for my family that lives on the Gulf of Mexico. The last news report I heard said it was projected to enter right over the Port Lavaca area which is where almost all of my family lives. My dad drove down tonight to help broad up windows and then a good chunk of family is going to stay with my parents and Brooke & Kris in Waco.

Here's a pic I took of Avery today: