Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to work.......

Well it has been fun LOTS of fun. Kevin thought for sure I would get cabin fever being at home, but I didn't. I enjoyed every moment with Miss Avery and just hoping that going back to work will be a smooth transition for us all. I have everything ready tonight, so I won't have that much of a crazy morning, but this will be a first for both Kevin and I so anything can happen. I have truly been praying about this day for awhile now to have peace in my heart about it. I really think it will go okay, but I am sure I will cry, since I have already several times just thinking about it. I will be sure and post to let you know how it goes. So what have I done the last stint of my time off....TONS. I have hung out with many friends and soaked up all the time I could with Avery. We have lots of Happy Birthday' Happy Birthday to...Jayce, Steven, Lawson, Clay and John!!! Here are pics from the prior weeks.

Whew-What a week!


Brooke said...

You look so pretty in all of your little outfits, you even look pretty in a mustach. I am excited to see you get dedicated next week at church. I love you more than you can ever imagine.
Love you,
Aunt Brooke